Academic Details

2021 Master of Early Childhood and Primary School Teaching 

2014 Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours, Sculpture and Spatial Practice, Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) 2013 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Sculpture and Spatial Practice, VCA

Group Exhibitions

Itch to Imprint. Holden Garage, Berlin. Curated by Ella Křivánek with Ebb Bayley, Aaron C Carter, Alice McIntosh and Isadora Vaughan.

a do ocean, Kings Artist Run, 
With Cameron Allan McKean, Ricarda Bigolin, Hugo Blomley, Nicola Blumenthal, Holly Childs, Stacey Collee, Renee Cosgrave, Gabriella D’Costa, George Egerton-Warburton, Debris Facility, Endless Lonely Planet 11, Sam George, Luke Gerrard, Aurellia Guo, Chloe Hagger, Christopher L G Hill, Christopher Theofanous, Jesse Hogan, Lou Hubbard, Helen Hughes, Raafat Ishak, Eleanor Laver, Alice McIntosh, Sean McMorrow, Gian Manik, Kate Meakin, Virginia Overell, Ashley Perry, Lisa Radford, Yuval Rosinger, Nick Selenitsch, Amy May Stuart, Savanna Szelski, Yundi Wang

Kings opening show, Kings Artist Run
Alice McIntosh, Michelle Kong, Jazz Money, Abbra Kotlarczyk, Briony Galligan,  Sarah Ujmaia, Cameron Gresswell Grace Emerald Culley, Nunzie Madden, Soroush Abbasi Nejad Haghighi

Machines don’t have eyes but birds do
C3 Abbotsford Convent
Alexandra Nemaric, Zoe Whitson, Jemi Gale, Alice McIntosh and Lei Lei Kung

m_othering, the perceptual ars poetica. Counihan Gallery curated by Abbra Kotlarczyk and Antonia Sellbach with Olga Bennett, Simona Castricum, Bonita Ely, Abbra Kotlarczyk, Alice McIntosh, Josephine Mead, Ruth O’Leary, Lucreccia Quintanilla, r e a, Katie Ryan, Antonia Sellbach, Amber Wallis

Flirtatious Energy
Aaron Carter and Alice McIntosh Bus Projects

Brunswick Sculpture Centre Closing Show, Brunswick There is a pain, so utter, Curated by Beth Caird with Hana Pera Aoake, Beth Collar, Erin Crouch, Brian Fuata , J*, Spencer Lai, Claudia Pharés Alice McIntosh, Ander Rennick, Isadora Vaughan, Faith Wilson and Grace Wood.  Gertrude Glasshouse, Melbourne Falling Blue, Curated by Julia Murphy with Seala Lokollo Evans, Gian Manik and Jahnne Pasco-White. School House Studios, Melbourne

2017 We Make Memories, Curated by Claire Longley with Honey Long, Julia Trybala, Madeleine Russo, Mashara Wachjudy, Nicholas Smith, Prue Stent. Seventh Gallery, Melbourne Low roofs make one feel like a mole in general, Curated by Julia Francis, Rear View Projects, Melbourne Real Life Fantasies, Katherine Botten, Lara Chamas Kaiwarr, Clancy Saskia Doherty, Hana Earles, Brighid Fitzgerald, Natasha Madden, Rafaella Mcdonald, Lillian Palser Barto, Nell Pearson, Sam Peterson, Nadege Philippe-Janon, Ander Rennick, Zoe Wong Westspace, Melbourne
Deceased Estate, with Nell Pearson, Honeymoon Gap, Alice Springs B.U.F.F, curated by Bill Hawkins and Carla Milentis, Royal Society of St. George, South Yarra

2016 Braided Field, Empty Lot, Brunswick with Aaron Carter, Alice McIntosh, Grace Anderson and The Shinkies, Jahne Pasco-White, Nell Pearson Floating Ground, Curated by Charlotte Cornish with Grace Anderson, Adam John Cullen, Alice McIntosh, Joshua Petherick, Marian Tubbs and Isadora Vaughan The Honeymoon Suite, Brunswick
Room with a View, Curated by Emma Collard, Substation, Newport To Wound The Autumnal City, Curated by Liam Osborne, David Egan, Jessie Kiely and Natasha Havir Smith, Spencer Lai, Oscar Miller, Amy Parker. Punk Café, Brunswick

2015 Sundries Alice McIntosh and Lorilee Yang, TCB, Melbourne
Flake Presents, Curated by Kate Meakin with Lauren Burrow, Beth Caird, David Egan, Aodhan Madden, Natasha Madden, Noriko Nakamura, Lizzy Newman, Kiermen Seymour, Kate Smith, Nicki Wynnuchuk, Brunswick Sculpture Centre, Brunswick Freedom, Curated by Ella Křivánek, SPACE SPACE, Tokyo

Solo Exhibitions
2020 Keep in touch, Green Monday Studios, Carlton 
       2015  Semi Precious, Brunswick Lake, Brunswick. 2014 In and of Itself, Honours Graduate Exhibition, VCA, Southbank          Porous Boundaries, George Paton, Parkville
2013 Club Chateau, Graduate Exhibition, VCA, Southbank

Curatorial 2016 Place To Be, Co-curated with Space Space gallery. Liberty Petrol Station Fitzroy Nth and Brunswick Sculpture Centre, Brunswick. 2015 First Thought Best Thought, Space Space Gallery, Tokyo. Alice McIntosh, Isadora Vaughan, Kate Hill and Eugene Howard.

Residencies and Awards

2018 Marpha Foundation, Creative Fellowship, Marpha, Nepal 2017 Watch This Space, artist residency, Alice Springs, Northern Territory 2014 Windsor Prize, From The Windsor Hotel, Second Place 2013 National Gallery of Victoria Women’s association Prize 2013 Nominated for Hatched emerging artist prize and exhibition


2022 Paramount House, Sydney. Hope St Radio X Paramount House
2021 Hope St Radio Alice McIntosh and Peter Frederick Cole