Acheson St, Coburg North
Claire Barnes, Aaron Carter, Gabriel Curtin, David Egan, Brighid Fitzgerald, Cam Gill, Maddison Kitching, Clare Longley, Alice McIntosh, Kate O’Boyle, Amy Parker, Alice Ramsden, Isadora Vaughan

Itch to Imprint
Holden Garage, Berlin
Curated by Ella Křivánek 
Ebb Bayley, Aaron C Carter, Alice McIntosh and IsadoraVaughan

a do ocean
Kings Artist Run
Curated by Christopher L G Hill
With Cameron Allan McKean, Ricarda Bigolin, Hugo Blomley, Nicola Blumenthal, Holly Childs, Stacey Collee, Renee Cosgrave, Gabriella D’Costa, George Egerton-Warburton, Debris Facility, Endless Lonely Planet 11, Sam George, Luke Gerrard, Aurellia Guo, Chloe Hagger, Christopher L G Hill, Christopher Theofanous, Jesse Hogan, Lou Hubbard, Helen Hughes, Raafat Ishak, Eleanor Laver, Alice McIntosh, Sean McMorrow, Gian Manik, Kate Meakin, Virginia Overell, Ashley Perry, Lisa Radford, Yuval Rosinger, Nick Selenitsch, Amy May Stuart, Savanna Szelski, Yundi Wang

Hope St x Paramount House 
Banner mural
Alice McIntosh 

Hope St Radio Mural
Alice McIntosh and Peter Frederick Cole